May 02

Enhancing Search Engine Optimization through Mobility

Search engine optimization is a huge catchphrase these days and indeed, why wouldn’t it be. After all, practically every searches online. If a couple of years ago you still had a lot of people searching through paper directories you have a whole lot more searching for information online. It isn’t just people we are looking for either.

The number of people searching for information online is huge and encompasses everything from the best flower arrangement at their wedding, the hippest clothes and the cheapest place to buy their groceries. We are, in a word, smitten by the amount of information we can find online and we show no signs of stopping either. With the advent of the digital age, SEO then, is one of the best ways to succeed in the business.

Something else has been waiting in the wings however and it is evident in the number of iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones available in the market. That “thing” is mobile technology. Although there are a huge number of people who do a lot of their surfing on their laptops or desktops, more and more people are using their phones to stay connected. All modern phones have browsing capabilities and that is the reason why mobile internet is growing rapidly as a medium to complement the internet.

This change in climate has resulted in a number of changes in terms of website optimization. Instead of starting off at the point where you have a website that you are making accessible mobile, you now create websites designed for mobile that can also be seen on computers. At the same time, SEO has changed in that layouts have become much easier. Although this was already an important aspect to begin with, it is even more so now that the age of mobiles is here. Complicated layouts are a thing of the past and the best websites are those that simple in terms of layout because they are much easier to read on a mobile screen.

Another thing that has to be adjusted in terms of SEO for content is the amount of text that can be used. Although you can still have a 500 word page, this has to be split into chunks that are easy to see and read on a mobile. That is why, instead of having the traditional one page layout, you may end up with a three column page with the same amount of text.

Mobile phones continue to push the way into the future with the main mobile phone creators, also playing in the desktop and browser arenas. As this continues to move forward, more and more of us will need to sit up and take notice to understand that mobile isn’t a trend of the present, it is a trend of the future. As such, more and more of your SEO tactics should be and must be focused on the mobile realm to provide the greatest possible benefit overall. This is the way to use SEO technology to your benefit.