May 01

Social Media – Invading the World of SEO

If you were to go into a room full of people and ask them how many of them used Facebook, chances are more than half of the people there would raise their hands. Ask them how many of them use Twitter and you will probably see just as many hands. Ask them how many of them use either Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and chances are you will have a room full of people with raised hands. That room of people is a reflection of a pretty big chunk of society these days. Whether you are talking about kids, teenagers, yuppies or seniors, a wide variety of the people we come across in our everyday lives use social media.

Why Social Media Matters

Social media matters for a number of reasons but it is pretty evident that a big reason why it matters so much, is that it provides such a large market for a regular company. Obviously you would be thinking of the huge number of people who can see what you have to say and of course, this plays a huge part in ensuring that you get to your target audience easily and much quicker than traditional marketing techniques. You no longer have to spend millions to market to that out of town customer, rather you can spend a relatively smaller amount of money just getting that customer to see your product online.

What A Lot of Companies Have Done Wrong

When it comes to using social media, not everyone has used it to the best advantage. When you use social media, the amount of work that you have to do doesn’t necessarily lessen. In fact, you have to put as much effort into social media, if not more, in order to make it something that brings in real revenue and real value to your company. A lot of companies used to be more hung up on the thought of visibility than on the thought of revenue through social media. That’s why the goal used to be more on getting more followers and fans that it was on actually making money.

How to Better Your Social Media Strategy through SEO

Social media provides a great way to continue SEO initiatives for a variety of reasons. For one, it is easier to rank with social media. For example, Facebook has a tie up with bing and Google+ obviously has a tie up with Google. These tie ups mean that your capability to rank will be much more prominent if you combine the power of SEO with the power of social media. Think about the number of people who search for a particular keyword on Facebook and you will realize that it is a largely untapped market that should be used in order to enhance your SEO strategy.

Social media is obviously here to stay but with the advent of its technology comes the need to ensure that it is used the right way in order to maximize its capabilities and maximize its benefits.