May 04

Email Marketing – How to Make it Effective

If you were to type in email marketing into a search bar, you would get a ton of results on the best autoresponders, how to make your subject line better and how to turn your email into a marketing tool. This is all well and good and these are definitely all essential tools when it comes to optimizing your email marketing strategies.

It is important to remember however, that these steps are importance once you have gotten your email marketing list together. Although you buy leads, the best way to get high quality leads is really to source your leads on your own or use them in conjunction with leads that you have bought. So the question is- how do you get an email marketing list together? The answer can be summed up in two words: your website.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that in order to start any sort of email marketing campaign, the goal really is to make sure that your website is optimized for email. Even if you are talking about just an initial landing page without a full website, you have to first get people to that landing page or website and only then can you begin to start an email marketing campaign.

In order to optimize your website for email marketing, you have to make sure that the page they land on contains a lot of the basic information that they will need. You should pique your customers interest in order to keep them engrossed enough to provide you with their email address. A good way to do this is to make sure that the keyword that leads them to your site is visible on the page. Do not make them look for this keyword, make sure it is somewhere in the middle so that they can see it right away. As humans, we tend to look at the center of the computer screen more than we do the edges.

In order to optimize your website for email marketing it is also important that you use your contact button or email form effectively. Let’s say you give them a piece of information relevant to their search for example. You have to make sure you give them a call to action by emailing you. Make sure the button to contact you is available near the call to action so that they don’t have to look any further.

Your content is important in optimizing your page for marketing because it should draw your readers and make them want to get more information. Poorly written content will not stand out to your customers and it can even lessen the chance that they will want to receive contact from you.

Once you have optimized your website, make sure that you have an email responder in place. An email responder automatically sends a reply to anyone who decides to sign up with you or to sign up for a newsletter. This will ensure that your lead gets a second touch in the contact process and remembers you better.


May 03

Enhancing Your Website’s SEO Capabilities with the Right Webhosts

When it comes to making your SEO effective, there are plenty of ways to get the job done. You can hire an SEO content expert, you can create your own SEO marketing strategy on getting web analytics in the mix and you can perform a variety of other actions to make your website rise in rank on the various search engines available out there. Of course, none of these would really make sense if you had a webhost that wasn’t dependable. If you are wondering why then you should start off asking what it is that a webhost actually does.

What Exactly is Webhosting?

Simply defined webhosting is the primary way that you are seen online. Webhosts have servers where you information is stored and this information is then disseminated throughout the internet. In essence, any service that you have, whether it is your website, your email or even a small place that you share your pictures online, functions on webhosting. Since webhosting makes everything you are sharing online visible, it is integral that you get the right hosting service for your website to ensure that everything is seamless.

What Qualities Should I Look for In My Webhost?

Dependability is the single most important thing to look for in a webhost. One particular Dreamhost review stated that they chose that webhost for the mere fact that it had the best uptime guarantee they could find. Most webhosts will make an uptime guarantee on their website and this is the first thing you should be looking at. Uptimes in the range of 98% and above are good uptimes for a webhosting service.

The next thing to look for in a good webhost for SEO is the ease of install. Ideally, your webhost should give you enough rights, even on shared hosting for you to be able to install scripts and software on your own. In some cases, some webhosts even provide one click installers to make the job easier. If you are focused more on SEO than on the technical side of things, then it is a good idea for you to look at webhosts who can provide this to you.

One thing that is also good when it comes to SEO is being able to get a dedicated IP address. Although this is not a huge necessity it does affect your ranking. Furthermore, although it isn’t something you might want to start off with, as your site grows and so does your market, it is a good idea to look for a webhost that can provide you with a dedicated IP down the line.

Finally, you should also look at the support capabilities of your webhost. Good customer service may not seem like a huge necessity at the start but it certainly is when things are going wrong. At the least, your webhost should have a good knowledgebase for your questions and concerns and a ticket system so that you can email if you have issues. Additional plus points include live chat as well as callbacks.

Your webhost is crucial in the success of your SEO strategies so make sure you choose your webhost wisely.


May 02

Enhancing Search Engine Optimization through Mobility

Search engine optimization is a huge catchphrase these days and indeed, why wouldn’t it be. After all, practically every searches online. If a couple of years ago you still had a lot of people searching through paper directories you have a whole lot more searching for information online. It isn’t just people we are looking for either.

The number of people searching for information online is huge and encompasses everything from the best flower arrangement at their wedding, the hippest clothes and the cheapest place to buy their groceries. We are, in a word, smitten by the amount of information we can find online and we show no signs of stopping either. With the advent of the digital age, SEO then, is one of the best ways to succeed in the business.

Something else has been waiting in the wings however and it is evident in the number of iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones available in the market. That “thing” is mobile technology. Although there are a huge number of people who do a lot of their surfing on their laptops or desktops, more and more people are using their phones to stay connected. All modern phones have browsing capabilities and that is the reason why mobile internet is growing rapidly as a medium to complement the internet.

This change in climate has resulted in a number of changes in terms of website optimization. Instead of starting off at the point where you have a website that you are making accessible mobile, you now create websites designed for mobile that can also be seen on computers. At the same time, SEO has changed in that layouts have become much easier. Although this was already an important aspect to begin with, it is even more so now that the age of mobiles is here. Complicated layouts are a thing of the past and the best websites are those that simple in terms of layout because they are much easier to read on a mobile screen.

Another thing that has to be adjusted in terms of SEO for content is the amount of text that can be used. Although you can still have a 500 word page, this has to be split into chunks that are easy to see and read on a mobile. That is why, instead of having the traditional one page layout, you may end up with a three column page with the same amount of text.

Mobile phones continue to push the way into the future with the main mobile phone creators, also playing in the desktop and browser arenas. As this continues to move forward, more and more of us will need to sit up and take notice to understand that mobile isn’t a trend of the present, it is a trend of the future. As such, more and more of your SEO tactics should be and must be focused on the mobile realm to provide the greatest possible benefit overall. This is the way to use SEO technology to your benefit.

May 01

Social Media – Invading the World of SEO

If you were to go into a room full of people and ask them how many of them used Facebook, chances are more than half of the people there would raise their hands. Ask them how many of them use Twitter and you will probably see just as many hands. Ask them how many of them use either Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and chances are you will have a room full of people with raised hands. That room of people is a reflection of a pretty big chunk of society these days. Whether you are talking about kids, teenagers, yuppies or seniors, a wide variety of the people we come across in our everyday lives use social media.

Why Social Media Matters

Social media matters for a number of reasons but it is pretty evident that a big reason why it matters so much, is that it provides such a large market for a regular company. Obviously you would be thinking of the huge number of people who can see what you have to say and of course, this plays a huge part in ensuring that you get to your target audience easily and much quicker than traditional marketing techniques. You no longer have to spend millions to market to that out of town customer, rather you can spend a relatively smaller amount of money just getting that customer to see your product online.

What A Lot of Companies Have Done Wrong

When it comes to using social media, not everyone has used it to the best advantage. When you use social media, the amount of work that you have to do doesn’t necessarily lessen. In fact, you have to put as much effort into social media, if not more, in order to make it something that brings in real revenue and real value to your company. A lot of companies used to be more hung up on the thought of visibility than on the thought of revenue through social media. That’s why the goal used to be more on getting more followers and fans that it was on actually making money.

How to Better Your Social Media Strategy through SEO

Social media provides a great way to continue SEO initiatives for a variety of reasons. For one, it is easier to rank with social media. For example, Facebook has a tie up with bing and Google+ obviously has a tie up with Google. These tie ups mean that your capability to rank will be much more prominent if you combine the power of SEO with the power of social media. Think about the number of people who search for a particular keyword on Facebook and you will realize that it is a largely untapped market that should be used in order to enhance your SEO strategy.

Social media is obviously here to stay but with the advent of its technology comes the need to ensure that it is used the right way in order to maximize its capabilities and maximize its benefits.


May 01

Analyzing Keywords to Create Effective SEO Campaigns

SEO or search engine optimization isn’t an easy task, although it certainly is a pretty common misconception among web users and company owners. The truth is, SEO takes a lot of hard work and a lot of that hard work is part skill and part art.

When you think about SEO, your image is probably one that is focused on content that is clearly written and easy for your customers to understand. Some of you may think of SEO as something that focuses mainly on keywords and as such think that SEO is largely a matter of choosing a set of keywords that you would typically use if you were thinking about searching for you business. These things are all true and that means SEO is largely a matter of using all of these techniques and not just one, to come up with the right content for your website.

Given that you have a broader understanding of SEO, let’s narrow that down to focus purely on keywords. Keywords as you probably already know; are the search terms which are typed into a search bar in order to find you. What you probably haven’t thought about, is the fact that keywords come in groups. Let’s use the illustration of a target for example. You have your inner circle and around it are your wider circles. That’ the same way keywords work too.

Essentially, the bulls-eye in this case is the primary keyword that your customer might be looking for. Let’s say for example that this is “best cheese in France”. You know from the keyword that they are probably looking for some sort of cheese in France. The thing is what you don’t know is what reasons they have for looking this up. Let’s say that part of their thinking process for example, is that they want to find out about how the cheese is cultured or get an idea of whether or not they are comfortable eating that cheese. It can also be that they are open to the thought of finding out which of those cheeses tastes like the regular cheese that they have at home.

As you can see, rather than a linear thought, the reasons why people search are more organic and more evolving. Very few of us actually search with just one thought in mind and rarely do we center all of that effort into one specific thing. That is why we get drawn by additional information in articles. We are essentially human beings that process information.

Of course, there is no set way to actually come up with the keywords on top of the main keywords but there are tools that can help you figure them out. A variety of SEO tools are available for searches within different search engines and Google provides its own keyword search tool to show you the different keywords which are related to different searches.

Understanding how to use the tools and using some common sense and of course a lot of imagination can be the key to correctly analyzing your SEO keywords and perfecting that technique for the rank of your website.